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At Coleman & MacDonald Law Office our seasoned truck crash lawyers know very well; how the trucking businesses work, and we understand exactly what it takes to beat them. We advocate for clients — or customers — as soon as possible, following an accident you should talk with our accident attorneys, so we may start conducting our evaluation.

Trucking businesses have much to lose. An 18-wheeler’s dimensions will raise the odds of deaths or severe injuries. That is why these companies will dispatch a seasoned group of researchers to extract beneficial and to sift through signs. That means discovering while scouring by motorists for error. They understand these instances have the capability to cost them money.

Enhancing Your Financial Compensation

Our experience with national security regulations, licensing and training requirements, and corporate insurance associations in the trucking business functions to our customers’ benefit in
private harm or wrongful death lawsuits involving large rigs, commercial vans, or buses. We’ve got a long and successful track listing litigating serious and frequently intricate truck injury cases.

Our truck accident attorneys can help customers optimize their recovery from industrial car accidents:

Coleman & MacDonald Law has got the specialist resources to create a comprehensive evaluation of every component of a collision and the resulting harms. Trucking accidents may be caused by driver fatigue, improper or insufficient inspection of security equipment such as lights or brakes, unrealistic demands placed on motorists from the vehicle owner, and a plethora of different issues. We exhaust every avenue to research and establish liability. Our attorneys work closely together with our customers’ treating doctors, medical forensics specialists, rehabilitation specialists, and occupational therapists to acquire the most complete and precise understanding possible of what it takes to help them recover or conform to a handicap.

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If You or someone in your household has been severely hurt or killed in an accident with a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, or commercial automobile.

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It is necessary that this be done because we plan to collect evidence before it’s destroyed. We’ll fully explore the circumstances of this crash to identify if there’s any uncertainty on the part of the company that contracted to possess goods hauled, company, owner of this tractor, owner of the trailer or the motorist. These are all different entities. With so many interests, you need to guarantee yours are shielded.

Some cases of neglect leading to Massachusetts trucking injuries are:

1) Driver exhaustion
2) Gear failure
3) Negligent maintenance
4) Overloaded truck
5) Inattention of motorist
6) Speeding (frequently caused by demanding or hopeless delivery programs)
7) Breach of national regulations
8) Negligent hiring practices

Our Boston truck accident attorneys recognize when involved in an accident with a truck other road users are at a disadvantage. These vehicles may weigh up to 80,000 lbs. Somebody is involved in an accident with some other big automobile, shipping truck, garbage truck or a huge rig, outcomes are too devastating.

Massachusetts Truck Accidents

Fatalities from truck accidents in Massachusetts have fluctuated in the past few decades increasing from 18 to 30 between 2013 and 2012. Prior to this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that there have been 34 Massachusetts truck collision deaths in 2011 and 19 in 2010.

Truck injury deaths were most likely to happen in Franklin County, MA.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported the number of truck accidents has jeopardized by 20 percent. These wrecks are likely to result in more harm than those requiring vehicles due to the size and weight of those vehicles although trucks are responsible for approximately 3% of the entire number of crashes that are uncontrollable. It is not unusual for these businesses to reach out to sufferers using a settlement deal that is low-ball, attempting to strong-arm them. They’re relying on the fact that sufferers are distressed to pay other costs and medical bills. Some trucking business representative should never be spoken to by an individual — let alone sign any paperwork without a personal injury lawyer’s participation. Typically, the sum to surpasses the settlement offer.

Damages may include Along with covering expenses:

1) Lost Wages
2) Diminished earning ability
3) Pain and discomfort
4) Reduction of lifestyle pleasure
5) Pain and distress
6) Funeral expenses
7) Property harm restoration

Courts enable victims of truck accidents to look for damages, that will triple awards. Punitive damages are awarded in situations where the activities of a trucking company were egregious, and the court deems it essential to punish the wrongdoer, although not to compensate for the victim. A good example could be a business that flouts compels drivers and regulations to fudge to beat opponents on shipping 25, shipping logs. An individual could make a strong argument that such actions was proven to cause death or significant harm. In instances declines and possible injuries include:

1) Traumatic brain injuries
2) Spinal cord accidents
3) Severed limbs
4) Enormous internal accidents
5) Broken bones
6) Permanent scarring

These injuries require ongoing treatments, such as surgery, drugs, physical rehab and therapy. Victims never recover to be the same as they were. It is our aim to be certain that you get compensation to which you’re eligible for losses and your injuries.


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