Trademark information for applicants in Boston Massachusetts

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Has someone else already registered the same title for similar goods or services? (Learn the best way to search for competing uses).

Information About the Applicants

The applicant may be an individual, a partnership, a company, an association like a marriage, social club, or combined or joint ownership by some combination of any of these kinds. It is most likely you, so your citizenship is necessary for addition to a PO Box or other mailing address in Boston. If owned jointly by two entities, that needs to be mentioned too. Supplying this information online with TEAS is eased by typing the correct info into the form.


You are required to offer a statement, a sworn statement, or other verification that the details in the trademark application are correct. You, or an officer of your company or institution, should sign the information. The TEAS program supplies an all-purpose statement which can be used for the two trademarks that are in use in ITU applications.

Legal Disclaimers

Many trademarks in Boston, Massachusetts, include phrases or words that cannot be by themselves, allowing one person an exclusive right to use be protected under trademark law. To enable such conditions could decimate the English language. Therefore, the trademark office usually needs a disclaimer regarding certain portions of trademarks. This means that apart from the user as part of the brand, the applicant claims no exclusive right to use the phrase “blog”.


What happens if there’s a conflict between an online domain name and an existing trademark?

Even if a company owns a federally-registered signature, somebody else might still possess the right to the domain name. As an example, many unique companies have federally registered the signature Executive for different products or services. Every one of these companies may want, but the first one to buy it in this situation, Executive Software, obtained the domain name and has got the rights to it.

Can a domain name for a business trademark for future usage?

It’s possible to acquire ownership of a trademark by filing an “intent-to-use” (ITU) trademark application using the U.S. before actually starting to use the domain name Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). The applicant should begin using the domain name over the required time constraints — six months to 3 years following the PTO approves the signature, depending on whether the applicant attempts and pays for extensions of time. This application’s filing date will be regarded as the date of the first use of the trademark so long as the applicant uses the brand within the mandatory time constraints.

When does an online domain name qualify as a signature?

But only some types of commercial domain names qualify for signature protection. For example, while domains using common or descriptive phrases, like or, can work very well to attract users to a website, they usually do not qualify for much trademark protection means that owners of such domain names generally won’t have much luck stopping using those phrases and words in other domains. For tips on selecting a domain name and a business name, see Coleman & MacDonald Law Office in Boston articles. Selecting and Registering a Domain Name and Pick a Winning Name for Your Enterprise.

The Federal Registration Procedure: TEAS

The favorite (and less expensive) method of preparing the national trademark application is to utilize the online Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) situated in the PTO’s site ( TEAS is an interactive program where the user is asked a set of questions. If a problem isn’t answered or an essential element is not completed, the applicant is requested to correct the error. I suggest starting with the TEAS PLUS system since it’s the cheapest means to document.

Basis for Application

Using the internet TEAS PLUS system, you’ll be asked the basis for your application. As for dates of use, you’ll have to substantiate the date your best guess (or as to the dates) the signature, anywhere. You’ll also need to give the date once you first sold your work (or services) outside your nation (for instance, via an online sale or through travel to an application trade series).

Identification of the Mark

If the mark is a word or set of words, the identification of the effect is straightforward. The impact might be identified merely as “DEAR RICH” or “GAWKER”. But suppose the character is a stylized presentation of this word, a graphic symbol, a logo, a design, or any other devices allowed under trademark law. In that case, a statement must be provided that clearly defines the mark. If you’re using the TEAS program, enter the word, in the instance of a stylized effect, then attach a picture file (either JPG or GIF format) containing a black and white rendition of this mark. Add a written outline in the appropriate box.

The easiest way is to check whether a domain name is available is at one of those dozens of online businesses that have been accepted to register domains. A registrar listing of these can be accessed at the Interknit website or the ICANN website. ICANN is the organization that manages the procedure for approving domain registrars. Every registrar provides a hunting system to find out whether a domain name is available. Type in the domain name option, and the registrar will determine if it is accessible. If you realize that a domain name is already taken, it is possible to locate details regarding the domain owner. An easy method to check ownership would be to use


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