Real Estate Attorney in Saugus & East Longmeadow, MA

Are you in the midst of a real estate transaction and need professional legal counsel? If you're considering buying or selling real estate in the neighborhood, make sure you have an experienced legal attorney by your side. Contact the attorneys at Coleman & Macdonald Law Office today.

Effective buyer-seller legal representation

Our experienced attorneys can help make the offer, begin the negotiation process for the purchase of your home, walk you through the sale, and develop a favorable buyer-seller agreement.

  • Buyer Representation
  • Seller Representation
  • Real Property Disputes

Foreclosure avoidance and loss mitigation legal services

Loan modification: A loan modification restructures the terms of your loan and results in affordable monthly payments.

Short sale: In a short sale, the lender agrees to accept a sale of your house for less than the outstanding mortgage amount as payment in full on your outstanding debt.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure: With a deed in lieu of foreclosure, you transfer ownership of your home to the lender in order to avoid a formal foreclosure and fully satisfy the outstanding mortgage.

Dependable Landlord-Tenant legal assistance

Representation for Landlords

  • Handle eviction process
  • Drafting and implementing contracts between landlords and tenants
  • Security deposit disputes
Representation for Tenants
  • Representation after an eviction notice
  • Poor living conditions
  • Disputes over security deposits
  • Protecting your rights as a tenant