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Our Patent attorneys provide high quality services for procuring and protecting intellectual property assets. To our customers’ requirements and expectations, we customize our solutions with a focus on trademarks and patents associated with pricing, responsiveness, and availability. Our fee structure includes great faith estimates and flat-fee charging enabling business decisions.

We provide a complete range of patent services such as U.S. and international patent prosecution, patentability, infringement, and validity opinions, licensing, due diligence, maintenance, and patent portfolio development and direction. The company also manages transactional matters and certain patent litigation. We work closely with entrepreneurs, research organizations, universities, and licensing entities to manage permit agreements, joint development agreements, and other IP monetization contracts and arrangements. We worked to decrease royalty duties owed in Intellectual Property Agreements and also negotiated license agreements totaling millions of dollars.

Trademark services provided by COLEMAN & MACDONALD include signature investigations, preparation, and prosecution of federal and state trademark applications, international trademark protection, marking advice, and trademark licensing.


A patent is a contract between an inventor and the government. The inventor provides a comprehensive description of the invention to the general public in an application for patent. This benefits the public by providing awareness of this invention to be used as a base for an invention that is further. In return, if the invention is new (as compared to what known to the public before the invention), then a patent is issued. This patent gives the inventor a right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the patented invention throughout the United States, also from importing the invention into the USA, for the life span of the patent, usually 20 years from filing.

Grant of a patent does NOT itself provide an inventor a right to exploit the patented invention — it merely gives the inventor a right to exclude others from practicing the invention. By way of instance, if an investor makes an addition to a formerly patented system, and gets a patent, the inventor can prevent the owner of the first patent by using the improvement. On the other hand, the inventor may not be able to exploit the improvement, at least before the original patent expires, since such manipulation might infringe that original patent.

The following items are patentable under these statutes:

1) Procedures: new methods of doing something

2) Machines: motors, machines, instruments, gadgets, etc..

3) Articles of manufacture: Utilities, tools, structures made from plastics, metal, ceramics, etc.. Compositions of the thing: new pharmaceuticals, chemical compounds, naturally occurring substances when considerably purified, DNA sequences, biological materials, e.g., germs, viruses, proteins, and protein fragments, monoclonal antibodies, epitopes, and vectors.

4) Improvements in any of the above

5) Living organisms: genetically altered plants and animals.

6) Computer applications: alone and together with other gear.

7) Business approaches: strategies for doing business, but not those solely directed to patenting abstract ideas.

8) Designs: decorative aspects of articles of manufacture.

9) Non-patentable items include nebulous notions or ideas, laws of nature (e.g., gravity), mathematical calculations alone (however computer-implemented mathematical algorithms making a concrete, useful, and concrete result are patentable subject matter), and purely psychological processes.

A vital component to successful patent protection is writing patent claims that define the invention as broadly as possible, but without overlapping prior art that may make the patent invalid. This is normally best done by someone with ability and experience in patent training, so consulting with a patent lawyer is an option.

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Mechanical Patent Lawyers

Our professionals Mechanical Patents lawyers have experience with many kinds of technology, such as mechanical devices, medical apparatus, substance science, renewable energy, and alternate energy systems. Professionals within our team offer over 30 years of combined experience. We can work with patent-related matters for measurement gauges using nuclear resources, net and fabric inspection methods, internal combustion engines, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus, drug delivery devices, heart stents and associated goods, weapon systems, nanotechnology, retail protection systems, water treatment systems, wind turbine products, jet engines, metal cutting products, and LED fittings.

Our professionals can work for universities, startups, and individual inventors in the mechanical area. Additionally, we’ve secured international patent rights on behalf of our clients in several foreign advanced and emerging nations and developed comprehensive, structured intellectual property portfolios ahead of acquisition and funding.

Electrical Patent Lawyers

Our electrical patent lawyers have expertise in several technologies, including circuits and hardware, alternative energy systems, computer-implemented apparatus, imaging systems, and software-enabled processes. Furthermore, the company has worked on patent-related matters for LED systems, imaging systems, circuits for bandwidth content management, energy monitory apparatus and systems, electrical-based medical devices, mobile devices, network management, web-based systems, circuits, chip layout, cloud computing systems, and GPS-related systems.

Our clients might include multinational conglomerates, higher-tech medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare management companies, instrumentation providers, universities, and other private and publicly held companies that file electrical patent applications. Our clientele has been acquired in mergers and acquisitions, have accredited or been granted licenses to complicated electrical technologies, or have monetized their intellectual property in other exits.

Med Devices Patent Lawyers

Coleman & MacDonald Has considerable experience in patent application preparation and prosecution for medical apparatus patent innovations. All our professionals bring abilities from their science and engineering degrees into drafting and prosecution patent applications in the health care devices space. Our medical device patent practice is diverse and experienced, working with cutting edge and established technology. Our customers have received funding, highly competitive grant awards, and have been obtained by major players seeking to expand their offering or competitors within the field.

Coleman MacDonald Law CAN currently work with the next med devices and medical-related technologies:

Medical imaging, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology
Medical spectroscopy
Medicine dispensers for ophthalmology and aromatherapy
Medical devices that monitor sleep action
Devices to be used with Electronic Health Records
Biomarkers for use in medical areas
Medical prosthetics
Medical products for use in treating sleep apnea
Devices for use in administering dosages
Applicators for use in carrying biological samples
Devices for use in providing nutritional supplements
Robotic pharmaceutical dispensing apparatus
Topical remedies for treating skin disorders
Surgical instruments

Bio-Tech Patent Lawyers Boston

The biotech patents category is international in scope, seeking patent protection on behalf of customers in many foreign jurisdictions. Additionally, the biotech patent practice advises customers on the freedom to run analysis and clearance for entry of new biotech products into the United States and foreign nations, as well in due diligence issues for intellectual property acquisition and monetization.

The technology that we focus on include enzymes, proteins, diagnostic substances, kits, and devices, biological methods, chemical patents, genetically modified goods, biologics, agribusiness, and plant science. Our biotechnology practice could potentially also includes advising clients on the intricate corporate, joint venture, and licensing issues as they arise, and the company represents both investors and startup companies.

Software Patent Lawyers Boston

Our team has significant experience in preparing and prosecuting applications, in addition to providing monetization plans for software solutions. Development of programs for computers and mobile device apps may represent the fastest growing and changing technology in the company world today and has some of the fastest-changing legal landscape.

Our work within this group comprises authentication software for pharmaceutical filling services, mobile device power management systems, program store access systems, log on and authentication systems, cell phone handover systems, imaging blood circulation and other medical products, and database management systems. Our professionals include engineers that have worked in software and related product development, have functioned in-house for software businesses, and also have been named inventors on software patent software.

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