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If you’ve been injured/hurt from a car accident in Newbury, Massachusetts, contact the personal injury lawyers near you and wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Coleman & MacDonald. Coleman & MacDonald is a full-service law firm providing professional legal services in the following areas: Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Criminal Law, U.S. Immigration Law, Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant Rights, Intellectual Property Law, Bankruptcy, Loan Modifications, and Civil Litigation. Call our attorneys and get the help and get a free consultation you need today.

Contact Your Premier Newbury Massachusetts Cars Accident Defense Lawyers. Our firm is committed to representing the rights of those injured across Massachusetts. Services: Personal Injury, Car Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Truck Accident, Wrongful Death lawyers, Coleman & MacDonald Law Offices in Newbury for the maximum compensation possible. Our Top Google rated local lawyers near you in Newbury are here to fight for your rights when injured in a car accident, Motorcycle Accident, Truck Accident, Slip, and Falls Accidents and others. Our injury law firm in Newbury represents clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We also understand the challenges of dealing with all types of motor vehicle accidents in the state of Massachusetts.

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Here are some of the things we’ll do:

1) Advocate on Your Behalf and Communicate with all insurance companies involved.
2) Analyze long-term financial needs or medical care in Newbury MA
3) Obtain compensation for any lost wages in Newbury, MA.
4) Make sure your medical bills are-paid in Newbury, MA.
5) Obtain your PIP benefits in Newbury, MA.
6) Investigate your accident in Newbury, MA.
7) Identify all liable parties in Newbury, MA.

Personal Injury Statistics in Massachusetts

According To data for the Newbury Massachusetts Department of Transportation, there have been roughly 4,426 car accidents in the M.A. areas in 2019. because of distracted or drunk driving connected to drivers using other technologies under the wheel, such as texting cellphones while driving in Newbury, Some studies suggest that deadly automobile accidents are on the decline, thanks in part to safety technologies installed in vehicles.

Common personal injuries that people suffer in Newbury MA car accidents include:

1) Brain injuries, including Traumatic Concussions
2) Spinal Back injuries, including herniated discs and spinal cord damage
3) Head, Neck injuries, including back neck whiplash
4) Losses of limbs and or Paralysis
5) Post-traumatic stress disorder
6) Soft tissue injuries
7) Broken bones
8) Burns
9) Wrongful death

Types of Auto & Car Accident Damages

1) Hospital Medical expenses paid
2) Physical pain and sufferings
3) Mental anguish and emotional pain and sufferings
4) Lost wages from a job
5) Loss of earning capacity for life
6) Property damages

Newbury had one of the busiest rush-hour traffics of any city in the country. In 2018, Also, according to statistics from the consumer safety group Safer America, there were 82 severe injury crashes, 19 fatal accident crashes, and 566 minor injury accidents. And Newbury is potentially the 8th worst city in the world, for traffic accidents and such according to an analytics report by a traffic firm INRIX. The company valued the cost of congestion for each driver. Congested streets are sites for automobile accidents. In terms of the State of Massachusetts, there were almost 137,000 car accidents in 2019. Of these car accidents, 338 resulted in fatal injuries, 2,235 resulted in serious injuries, and 14,975 resulted in minor accidents.

Common Causes of Automobile Car Accidents in Newbury Massachusetts and Elsewhere. Drunk driving rates are on the decrease, but the problem–and risk –stays real. Drunk driving remains The Primary Cause of roadway deaths, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Distracted or drunk driving is your leading Cause of automobile accidents in Newbury and includes activities like texting or talking On a cell phone behind the wheel. Speeding more than Posted speed limits in Newbury would be the most common reason for automobile accidents.

Reckless driving in Newbury occurs when a Driver changes lane drives aggressively or Otherwise recklessly operates a motor vehicle. Poor weather conditions in Newbury result in slippery road surfaces and lousy visibility. Motor vehicle design flaws. They were driving the wrong way on the road and struggling to follow traffic lights and signage. Teen motorists who lack driving experience. Older drivers that have poor eyesight or maybe confused. Driving while under the influence of medication, Including marijuana and prescription medication. Here’s a list Of some frequent causes of automobile accidents:

1) Car Accidents, Injuries, and Safety in Newbury Massachusetts
2) Car Accidents Caused by Manufacturing Defects
3) Aggressive Driving Accidents in Massachusetts
4) Side-Impact Car Accidents in Newbury MA
5) Rollovers and Backovers in Newbury MA
6) Car v. Bicycle Accidents in Newbury MA
7) Cell Phones in Newbury MA
8) Texting While Driving in Newbury MA
9) Drunk Driving Victims in Newbury MA
10) Teens and Elderly Drivers in Newbury MA
11) Rear-end Collisions in Newbury MA
12) Head-on Collisions in Newbury MA

13) Failure-to-Yield Accidents in Newbury MA
14) Car v. Pedestrian in Newbury MA
15) Car Accident Injuries in Newbury MA
16) Underinsured Motorist in Newbury MA
17) Hit & Runs in Newbury MA
18) Uninsured Motorist in Newbury
19) Car-Bus Collision in Newbury
20) Car-Motorcycle Collisions
21) Car-Truck Collisions in Newbury
22) Chain Reaction Car Accidents
23) Negligent Driving Car Accidents
24) Impaired Driving Accidents in Newbury
25) Vehicle Maintenance Car Accidents
26) Car-Animal Collision in Massachusetts
27) Car Accident Liability

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What Can I do if the Motorist in Newbury MA, who Struck Me doesn’t have car insurance?

In Newbury, Massachusetts, truck, automobile, motorcycle, and car insurance policies contain a provision named Uninsured Motorist Protection. Did you know if you have a vehicle insurance coverage of your own, or you were in a vehicle with someone that has a motor vehicle insurance policy in Newbury, your bills paid? And you should be able to submit a claim for compensation.

Who is responsible for paying for my medical expenses and lost Salary due to a personal injury accident in Newbury?

Typically, the insurance coverage will be provided by the insurance company for the vehicle that you were driving or effected by, in Newbury, Massachusetts, the standard insurance coverage Includes a provision named Personal Injury Protection referred to as PIP. Many people in Newbury have $8,000 in available content, which means that the insurance company will pay up to $8,000 in lost wages and medical expenses. PIP is also known as”No-Fault” since PIP benefits can be paid to you even if you caused the personal injury car accident in Newbury. And won’t increase the premiums of this policy owner. Behind the scenes, Under current state law, if you’ve got private health insurance, PIP will only pay $2,000, along with your health insurance will pay for the remainder of your expenses. It’s essential to obey the conditions of your health insurance to make sure your treatment is covered.

Just how soon after the personal injury accident in M.A. should I get a Lawyer in Newbury?

Call a lawyer near you in Newbury right away. Proof from the car accident in Newbury may disappear, and time is needed by our lawyers in Newbury To collect it and possibly reconstruct the accident scene and establish the conditions That triggered the crash. Furthermore, you get contacted by insurance companies. You are immediately following a car crash accident. You should have an attorney in Newbury Right before you discuss anything.

Who is legally liable for paying to repair the damage to my car automobile in Newbury?

If the injury is determined to be another Driver’s fault and you have full coverage through your insurance policy, you may opt to have the insurer of the car that caused the crash to cover the damage or your insurance policy pay. If you do not have coverage, then you must claim if the proof demonstrates that the other driver is to blame, however, another driver’s insurance is only going to pay for your property damage. Get medical attention. Besides apparent injuries like lacerations, you may have injuries or internal injuries that don’t manifest. Seeing a doctor can help identify.

Can I get compensated for the time I’ve had To take off work due to my car auto accidents in Newbury, MA?

It depends in many cases, the answer is Yes. If you were too hurt and injured to work after your Automobile crash in Newbury, you might qualify to receive compensation for your lost wages. Through the PIP portion of this insurance coverage, in Newbury, if you have a note from a doctor stating that you have to stay from work, in addition to verification of your employment, you could have the ability to receive 75% of your Salary. You will probably get 25 percent of your wages at the time your case settled might be settled in Newbury, MA.

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