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People often consider bankruptcy an extended process covering all their assets, income, debt, and other financial obligations. For those who require more comprehensive debt relief, there is another type of bankruptcy filing, and this is called emergency or “skeleton bankruptcy.” Coleman & Macdonald Law Office can help you if you are in a financial situation that requires debt relief. Each team member gives each case the care it needs to ensure our clients feel secure and reassured about their future. Our team meets weekly to discuss issues and get insights from other lawyers at the firm, making our work even more reliable. You can be sure that all options are being considered.

Our Massachusetts emergency bankruptcy lawyers are available at 781-205-4735. You can determine if you are a good fit with us by contacting us for a free consultation.

What is Emergency Bankruptcy?

People who are in an unplanned financial position can use skeleton bankruptcy. An example is if someone loses their job and must file an emergency bankruptcy to stop foreclosure on their house or prevent their car from being taken away.

It is faster than other types of bankruptcy to file an emergency bankruptcy. This option is available to debtors who must stop creditors from collecting debts due to an unplanned situation. An emergency bankruptcy, as its name suggests, can be filed quickly without requiring lengthy paperwork and filing.

An automatic stay is granted to anyone who receives an emergency bankruptcy. These protections protect creditors from suing a person for not making payments. Skeleton bankruptcy is for those who need immediate financial relief due to an unplanned situation.

Are You in Need of a Massachusetts Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney?

Before filing for emergency bankruptcy, it is a good idea to consult an attorney. This will allow you to understand your options and determine the type of bankruptcy you are eligible for. It will also help you manage the process correctly. An attorney can help you find the most effective and efficient way to file skeleton bankruptcy.

Coleman & Macdonald Law Office is proud to be a bankruptcy firm that focuses on our client’s needs. Because we know people trust us in uncertain times, every staff member provides the care and attention that clients need to feel secure and at ease. We are available to help you solve your debt problems, so your life doesn’t become burdensome.

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