Creditor Harassment Protection

Massachusetts Creditor Harassment Protection

Protect Yourself From Illegal Collecting

The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act prohibits creditors, their lawyers, and collectors from trying to contact you more than a set number of times. The Massachusetts Attorney General has established regulations regarding creditor harassment, and they apply to creditors, third-party debt collectors, and entities that buy delinquent loans.

Credit harassment regulations by the Attorney General make it illegal to:

● For the same debt, we will call you more than once a week at your home
● For the same debt, you should not be called more than once per month.
● If you have asked them not to contact you at work, they will.
● Without identifying themselves, they will contact you
● If you need a lawyer, call us directly
● You can call during regular business hours
● When you are trying to collect, lie or deceive yourself
● Any amount you collect other than the amount owed
● False threats of nonpayment

The consumer must inform creditors about their regular waking hours, and creditors will assume that your normal waking hours are between 8 AM and 9 PM. The most important regulation is: Hire a lawyer to stop creditors from harassing you, and we can help enforce the law and protect your rights.

The best way to protect yourself from creditor harassment

All creditors and collectors must stop trying to collect on any debts as soon as bankruptcy is filed. An “automatic stay” is a court order to prevent anyone you owe money from trying to collect the debt. Creditors must stop calling you, writing letters, or using other methods to get your money back, and they have to be left alone.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Automatic stays protect filers:

● Foreclosures at home
● The majority of evictions
● Vehicle Repossession
● Disconnections of utilities
● You may be able to get property from your estate.
● Receipt of Benefit Overpayments (e.g., welfare)
● Collection of debts that were incurred before a bankruptcy filing
● Continuation of litigation that started before filing

However, automatic stays can be one of your most excellent tools as a consumer. They are only possible under bankruptcy, and your creditors will continue to harass and harass you regarding your car payments, credit card debts, mortgage, medical bills, and other debts.

Talk to a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filers can get the legal advice and experience they need to file a strong bankruptcy case from experienced bankruptcy lawyers. We deeply understand the procedures, courts, and judges so we can guide clients through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our legal expertise allows us to assist our clients in creating a bankruptcy plan that suits their specific needs.

Coleman & Macdonald Law Office’s Massachusetts bankruptcy law firm offers clients the chance to get out of debt, make a fresh start and rebuild their financial future. Our team will help you determine your financial options and protect the things that matter most to you.

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